2020 Convention re-scheduled for       August 1st 2021 

Friends of NEO ComicCon:

"I'm sure that many of you have been dreading this announcement, so there isn't much sense in delaying any more than we already have; unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this year's show.

We held off as long as possible, in hopes that the current situation would take a turn for the better, or at the very least we would have clear guidelines in how to proceed in the safest way possible. After consulting with our venue's management, we have concluded that any path forward would put our attendees at risk and also jeopardize the financial well-being of our vendors and artists.

We have every intention of returning next year, and we believe that a year's hiatus may lead to even more positive results at next year's show, which will take place August 1, 2021.

We're sorry that we have to make this announcement, as we know many of you look forward to the show every year. We know that we certainly looked forward to seeing you all again and filling the convention with pure, unbridled geekery and nerdom and completely unabashed awesomeness. We had hoped that we might be one of the first shows to open on schedule, but unfortunately, there is no way to balance that potential reward with all of the associated risks.

We hope you understand that this disappointment will only strengthen our resolve to bring an even better show back in 2021.

We'd also like to ask that, since there are already far too many political minefields these days, please use the comments in this post to tell us your favorite NEO ComicCon memory. If you don't have any NEO ComicCon memories yet, please tell us what you'd like to see next year. We promise to do our best to make August 1, 2021 a day worth remembering."

Eric Anderson - Promoter

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