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Announcing the 2024 NEO ComicCon

Sunday August 4th  10-4pm


North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex.


In 2023, we will be featuring a selection of vendors in our same great space: two indoor soccer fields with more than 150 tables of comics AND collectibles and art! 










NEO ComicCon is pleased to announce the return of Darryl Banks, Ohio Native and co-creator of   Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and the transformation of Hal Jordan into Parallax.    After taking a break from doing local conventions due to his heavy work-load he returns to NEO. Be sure to look for his  new graphic novel, Horror Story.   His Intense art highlights this character driven graphic novel - 64 pages total!


Joining us as a Special Guest of Honor, Banks will be signing autographs, posing for photo ops and taking sketch commissions.   Please contact Darryl through his facebook page to arrange your commissions ahead of time.  


If you attended Hall of Fame City ComicCon last year and got any Ron Marz signatures be sure to bring those books to have them autographed by Darryl.   Pictured here is the iconic Green Lantern #49 cover.   Darryl’s body of work includes;  Justice Machine for Innovation Publishing, a two-part Cyberpunk story for Innovation as well.  For Millennium Comics, he worked on The Wild, Wild West and Doc Savage.  His work for Marvel Comics includes Uncanny X-Men and Captain America, His work for Image Comics includes art for Stormwatch and Tomb Raider. His work with Devil’s Due Comics includes art of G.I. Joe Reloaded. His time at DC Comics saw him work on SuperBoy, Superman, Lobo JLA, Legion of Superheroes and of course his iconic run on Green Lantern where he was responsible for designing costumes for ParallaxGrayvenFatalityDr. Polaris, and Dr. Light. He has such body of published work that listing them all would fill a page, (  other character work include: Vampirella, The Joker, Nubia, Demi-God, The Phantom, The Mummy, The Spectre, Guy Gardner and more.)


Darryl is extremely friendly and enjoys talking with his fans. Shawn & Eric at NEO ComicCon are stoked he will join us this year as Special Guest of Honor.

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