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NEO ComicCon is pleased to announce the return of Angel Medina for our 2024 show! 

Angel, a fan-favorite throughout his stellar career, is known for his amazing work on Spawn from issues #100-150, as well as Sensational Spider-Man and Warlock and the Infinity Watch. 

Angel has also worked on Kiss: Psycho Circus, Abominations, Blackwulf, Dreadstar, Grimm Fairy Tales, The Incredible Hulk, and Venom: Dark Origin.

Angel has produced some amazing covers for the major publishers in the last few years, as well as one of the most iconic covers of its time, the Pulp Fiction poster homage featuring She-Hulk on Incredible Hulk #441.

Angel is one of the nicest creators in the business, and really appreciates his fans.  When he joined us in 2019, he had long lines all day and signed so many books his hand cramped! Angel is also taking commission requests for this year’s show; you can message him for more information via his Facebook page. 

Please help us make Angel feel welcome at Neo ComicCon this August 4th. We’re incredibly grateful to have him back!

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