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NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted

   TONY ISABELLA  *****Celebrating 50 years of Comic  Excellence!

Isabella is a comic book writer, editor, artist & critic, known as the creator & writer of Marvel Comics' Black Goliath, DC Comics' first major African-American superhero, Black Lightning, & as a columnist and critic for the Comics Buyer's Guide.

As a writer & editor for Marvel Comics, Isabella has scripted Ghost Rider, Luke Cage in Hero for Hire and Power Man, Tigra, Daredevil, Captain America and more.  For DC Comics, Isabella is known for his creation of Black Lightning - A show on TV's The CW Channel!

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Michael T. Gilbert 

Gilbert's first comic stories were printed in 1973 in his self-published underground, New Paltz Comix. He began drawing for several Star Reach and Kitchen Sink titles; a mix of underground comix (Slow Death, Bizarre Sex, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor) and ground-level comics such as Star*Reach, Imagine and Quack! He also worked on the celebrated Elric series with P. Craig Russell and Roy Thomas, a Pacific Comics adaptation of the Michael Moorcock sword and sorcery novels. He’s written or drawn comics starring Superman, Batman, Dr. Strange, Elric, The Simpsons, SpongeBob and the Disney characters. But Michael’s signature creation remains his fearless monster-fighting superhero, Doc Stearn … Mr. Monster, currently celebrating his 37th birthday.

Michael introduced Mr. Monster in 1983, with new stories appearing in Dark Horse Presents beginning in 2012. For over twenty years Mr. Monster has also hosted Michael's “Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt,” a monthly column devoted to comic book history for Alter Ego magazine. Michael has also designed t-shirts, TV graphics and gruesome tattoos. In 2014, he received an Inkpot award from the San Diego Comicon.

He will be available all day on August 1st to sign his works and talk about comics.

NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted









Horak is a cartoonist & designer headquartered at EarthQuaker Devices in Akron, Ohio.

Along with providing artwork for EQD pedals & merchandise he is also the current regular artist for Marvel's Spider-Man & Deadpool. Past projects include artist for Marvel's The Punisher, Rob Liefeld's The Covenant from Image, co-creator with Corey Fryia of Dr. Crowe from 215 Ink, and Octo Skull from EarthQuaker Comics, based on EQD's line of effects pedals.

NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted


Simpson is the creator of the satirical superhero Megaton Man, and Border Worlds - 1980s science fiction saga, collected in 2017 with a new conclusion as a lavish 352-page hardcover by Dover Graphic Novels.  2017 also saw the digital remastering of Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary Splitting Image 80-Page Giant - A satirical account of the founding of America’s third-largest comics publisher! 


Highlights from Don’s 30-plus year career as author & cartoonist include the underground classics Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut and Forbidden Frankenstein, as well as freelance work for nearly every major publisher - DC Comics’ Wasteland, Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel’s She-Hulk, and Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

Simpson taught cartooning for many years in the Pittsburgh area, along the way earning a PhD in art and architectural history in 2013.

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NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
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Ted Sikora is a comic book writer and filmmaker. He is the president of Hero Tomorrow Comics, and the creator/writer of Tap Dance Killer. Punchline & the Vaude-Villians, Bloom, and co-creator/co-writer of Apama the Undiscovered Animal. The entire Hero Tomorrow Comics universe is set in Cleveland! He also directed the dark comedy indie feature Hero Tomorrow, and wrote the libretto, the principal music and lyrics to the horror show musical, Nothing Like Vaudeville.

Born and raised in the Cleveland area, Rick has been producing professional comic book illustrations and commission artwork since 2008. His work with independent publishers includes Mask & Cape Comics’ American Knight series and HB Comics’ upcoming series Landslide. Rick is a featured artist for Akron Comicon and has appeared at comic conventions in San Diego, Philadelphia, and New York. Whether it’s professional, promotional, or freelance illustration, Rick’s art always reflects his unique talent and passion for the business.


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Aaron Archer is an American illustrator and creative professional who spent over 18 years at Hasbro, designing for toy brands like TransformersG.I. Joe, and others. Aaron worked on the Transformers brand for over 13 years, collaborating with Takara on hundreds of toys. Aaron acted as the Creative Lead for all Transformers partnerships including four feature films, four video games, five animated series, theme park rides, and countless publishing projects. In 2013, Aaron retired from Hasbro in order to pursue independent projects.


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For over 20 years artist Dave Nestler has enjoyed success as one of the most recognized names in Contemporary Pinup Art. Dave’s work has appeared in 5 published art books and graced countless magazines here and abroad. A regular on the convention circuit, He has appeared at over 350 conventions in North America and Canada.


10 years ago Dave was invited to contribute to George Lucas’ personal art book project: “Star Wars: Visions”.  His inclusion caught the eye of Acme Archives Direct, one of the largest producers of officially licensed original art and fine art reproductions for the entertainment industry. Dave soon began producing art for franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, plus The Big Lebowski, and music brands: Iron Maiden and The Beach Boys.


In 2016 Acme turned to Dave to begin producing original character art for their Disney gallery partners in Asia.


Since then, Dave has traveled twice to Japan to do appearances, print signings, and live painting demonstrations in Tokyo, Osaka and 6 other major cities. In a short 3 year period, he has built up a big following among the Disney art crowd, and has produced, and sold over 130 pieces of original art.
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted


An artist & illustrator from Cleveland – Marks’ art ranges from his favorite classic heroes & villains to Disney & My Little Pony. He is working on a web comic, Evolution Prime & a comic book for Underground Comixx. Also in the works is a project with Eric Cooper, creator of Knightseeker

NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted

   MY ASYLUM    

Hello, crazies! Welcome to The Asylum! Emily Szalkowski is an artist waiting to be noticed. You can check out her gallery, make requests (It will cost money, just a heads up) or just simply enjoy her work.  Don't be afraid. We're all insane, here.

NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted
NEO Comic Con Convention book books cleveland north olmsted

  Gary Dumm    

  Dan Gorman    


Jason Moore


His early works include inking The Realm and the Realm/DeadWorld crossover title Realm of the Dead for Caliber Press, among a number of other projects including: Evil Ernie: Destroyer, Halloween II and Halloween III for Chaos! Comics, Leatherface for NorthStar; many titles for Malibu Comics/Ultraverse such as Rune, Mantra, Codename: FireArm, The Exiles and many more. The comic adaption of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film Sleepy Hollow, Batman: Haunted Gotham, and The Crusades… all of which were published by DC/Vertigo Comics. Also, Spider-Man: The Osborn Journal and other titles for Marvel Comics.

Long before The Walking Dead and Zombie craze that is everywhere these days, Jason was the penciller/inker for the early 1990s Arrow Comics title The Dead which was featured in Fangoria Magazine and was banned in Canada and the United Kingdom!

Jason was the artist on a children’s book that was written by legendary Hall of Fame boxing Champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler and co-written by Dustin Warburton.

He also created the movie poster artwork for the upcoming documentary Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Jason was also the inker over legendary penciller Mike Zeck on a special variant cover edition of G.I. Joe.

Jason Christner 

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Jason Christner, a local artist from Alliance, is a lifetime comic and pop culture fan. A father of two daughters, who are fans in their own right. As well as a wife that keeps pushing him to keep pushing himself. 

He specializes in detailed sketches of all sorts of pop culture icons. Movies, comics, even sports. 

A self taught artist who influences include many great artists like Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Jim Lee among many others.

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The Mischief Factory - David Spencer


David Spencer has made his staple creating visual adventures for children and adults alike. David specializes in making fun illustrations featuring monsters superheroes and weird robots. David recently finished illustrating "The Epic Adventures of Huggie and Stick" written by the best selling author of "The Day the Crayons Quit", Drew Daywalt. The new book, out now, promises to be David Spencer's super fun breakout romp. Follow David on his own epic adventure at From the head of David Spencer to your lives, we create visual adventure for people who love fun, playing in the mud, using their big imaginations, colorful art that doesn't take itself too seriously, high fives, and obviously scissor kicks! So look around & GET INTO IT. Get into it!  or

Cutthroat Comics 


We do what we want. This creator owned publishing company allows its artists to be themselves. No matter how, nice, perverted, offensive, or cuddly. From children's books to dark comedies. We do what we want, when we want, so take that Grandma!

We want unique stories and concepts. Obviously everything is derivative nowadays, but let's push the boundaries and see where we land.

Comic Books
Children's books
Brand merchandise

Gary Morgan 

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He is a jeweler by day...artist by night. One day I hope I can give up the jeweler gig, but gotta pay those bills!  Ive been creating art for as long as I can remember...which could be a while..( i have a bad memory)
Please enjoy my artwork and share as much as you would like! Im thankful for my loving family... who encourages me to do what I was put on this wonderful planet to do...make art!!   Thank you

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Johnny K. Wu / MDIFILMS

Johnny K. Wu was born on June 8, 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA as Johnny Kai-Tsen Wu. He is a producer and director, known for Wu Lin - The Society,  Immortal Combat: The Code (2019), Innerself (2018) and T.R.A.C.E.: A Doctor Who Fan Film (2014).

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David K. Photgraphy 

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Entertainment personality David K is a modern renaissance man , in the best sense of the word . An award winning  music industry & glamour photographer, his published  work has graced the covers of magazines & has even been featured in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as well . His love of comics and movies led to him shooting the comic book cover for Thomas F. Zahler and IDW's Time and Vine - Cards Comics Collectibles   variant  as well as still photos of a few horror  movies as well. A pop culture enthusiast, his love of Raiders of the Lost Ark eventually led him to learn the art of whip cracking and eventually teaching actress Jessica Cameron how to properly use the a whip for movie/tv roles. In addition he has been a radio host,journalist and is currently working on his YouTube channel DavidKPhoto as he tackles 2021 with a renewed vigor.

Come meet him at NEO Comic Con 

Alex Abood

   Alex Abood is an independent author from the Akron, Ohio area. Abood wrote the first draft of The Wizard at the age of fourteen, and self-published it during her senior year of high school. The Chronicles of Novun series is her first published work of fantasy, but certainly not the last.

   Abood lives in Mogadore, Ohio with her parents, three sisters, three dogs, cat, and bearded dragon. She is currently pursuing an English degree, as well as her dream of being an author.


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I'm just your average guy with crazy stories living in his head. He lives in Hudson, Ohio with his lovely wife, son, and cat. I'm a full-time Dad and writer.  Once upon a time I was a Chicago indie film producer...


In the past 4 years, I have run a total of 11 successful comic book kickstarter campaigns. I have created 4 different comic series, 2 hardcover graphic novels, 9 comic issues, and 2 children's hybrid comic books.


All of this started when I lost my 9-5 job on the very same day I funded my first comic. I've never looked back. I've accomplished all of this whilst attending a vast number of comic conventions, relocating out of state, becoming a parent, and adjusting to being a stay-at-home Dad. This is just the beginning.

I've always considered myself a writer. I went to college clueless about what I wanted to pursue as a career. I eventually settled into studying popular culture and film due to my deep interest in the meanings behind art, music, and film.  My degree taught me how to write, but my stories have come to me through life experience.

Simply put, it is my passion to create great comics. I love the process, and I am in love with the medium.

Village Comics is the home of self-published, independent comics, graphic novels, and children's books. All of the books created here are the culmination of years of  writing, crowdfunding, and creating a fanbase through social media and convention attendance. 

We strive to create stories that not only entertain but carry a deeper meaning and purpose. These are thought-provoking books that beg to be read over and over again, revealing more complexity with each experience.


They are books created for fans by fans. Vilage Comics exists because people have believed in these concepts and supported them from the beginning.


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Claude Raymond Design


I’ve always been known as a bit of a juxtaposition. Deep, insightful, and emotional with a wide streak of wit and quirky humor. You’ll find the same range within my photography. I see such profound beauty in the spaces that others have abandoned. Where “man” begins to decay and nature accepts it as one of its own. I also enjoy capturing “pearls of wisdom” graffiti. Be it blatant profanity, oddly encouraging advice or eyebrow raising verbiage….it all appeals to my vision as an artist.!



Claude Raymond Design was started by Steve in 2013 after he picked up his tools from a long hiatus . Throughout his time on the Orb called Earth I have been a model maker and sculptor.

I create life like fantasy creatures pulled from some strange bent place in my mind. Some are inspired by 80’s fantasy games, and others are my take on mythological/historical creatures from our past. You will also find creations that are original concepts that pop into our world as my fingers do what they are told by that bent place in his mind.

More To Be Announced!

More To Be Announced!

Due to unforeseen, unfortunate events - Some guests & scheduled events may have to be altered & even canceled.  N.E.O. Comic Con sincerely apologizes in advance.  N.E.O. strongly suggests one keep checking back to this website or its Facebook page for updates. 


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